PhD Students

Thomas Feltin : PhD Student

Thomas Feltin

PhD Student

After his studies at École Polytechnique (X15) where he followed the Network/Security track, Thomas Feltin completed his MSc in Advanced Computing at Imperial College London where he focused on data science and AI. His Master’s research focused on building a decentralized personal data management system leveraging the audibility properties of the blockchain technology.

Thomas is now undertaking an industrial PhD under the joint supervision of Frank Brockners (Cisco) and Thomas Clausen (École polytechnique)

Alexandre Poirrier : PhD Student

Alexandre Poirrier

PhD Student

After his master in Computer Science (cybersecurity track) at Ecole polytechnique (X16), Alexandre Poirrier joined the corps de l'Armement, a technical Grand Corps of the French State. As part of his formation in the Corps de l'Armement, he completed a master in Computer Science at ETH Zürich. For his Master's research, he extended the Signal protocol to capture a broader and more realistic post-compromise security notion.
He is now a PhD student as part of his formation in the Corps de l'Armement under the supervision of Thomas Clausen (Ecole polytechnique).

Maxence Elfatihi : PhD student

Maxence Elfatihi

PhD student

Maxence Elfatihi earned his Master's degree in computer science with honors from IMT Atlantique (formerly Télécom Bretagne), specializing in cybersecurity and cloud computing. His Master's thesis focused on the application of formal verification methods to enhance security in railway line controls. Currently, Maxence is pursuing Ph.D. research under the guidance of Thomas Heide Clausen and Juan-Antonio Cordero-Fuertes.