Sonia Toubaline, PhD : Research Fellow

Sonia Toubaline, PhD

Research Fellow

Dr. Sonia Toubaline worked with us as a research fellow on the SOGRID project, which aimed at testing in real conditions a G3-PLC (Power Liner Communication) architecture from electrical domestic meter to source station. Several technological innovations were designed, developed, deployed and assessed to insure a real-time control of low and medium voltage electrical networks.

Her expertise is in mathematical modeling and optimization.

Sonia is currently a faculty member at Université Paris-Dauphine. This is her new homepage.

Zahra Aghapour : Research intern

Zahra Aghapour

Research intern

Zahra Aghapour is a master student in the Electrical Engineering Department of the Amirkabir University of Technology in Iran. Since the fourth semester of master, she has been working in the laboratory of École Polytechnique as an intern under the supervision of Dr. Jiazi YI. Her research is to study the Low-Power Wide-Area Networks(LPWAN). Her research interests include Distributed learning, Intelligence Algorithms, the Internet of Things, and LPWAN.

Yifan Du : Research Intern

Yifan Du

Research Intern

After graduating as a bachelor of information and computing sciences, at Beihang University in China, he entered ESIGELEC graduate school of engineering in France, Yifan DU continues his study in network architecture and security, computer and communication technology department.

His major focused on security (protocols,equipment,architecture), architecture(LAN, MAN…), network(broadband networks,mobile,ad-hoc…)

His research interests include IoT networking QoS, protocol, deployment and security.

Yifan was with our team until August 1, 2017, and is currently pursuing a PhD with the MiMovs team at INRIA Paris.

Wen Congmin : Research Student

Wen Congmin

Research Student

Wen Congmin is a double-masters student in the  Electronic and Information School of South China University of Technology (SCUT), and at University of Nantes. She is focusing on estimating the direction of arrivals for modulation signals. Since the second semester of master 2, she has been working in the laboratory of École Polytechnique as an intern under supervision of Jiazi YI (École Polytechnique). Her current research is to study the Low-Power Wide-Area Networks(LPWAN). Her research interests involves the Internet of Things, LPWAN, Lora, and Array Signal Processing.