Thomas Clausen

Paper: Evaluation of routing protocol for low power and Lossy Networks: LOADng and RPL

Routing protocol is a critical component of Low-power and Lossy Networks for Smart Grid. The protocols are used for data forwarding, which includes data acquisition, information dissemination, etc. This paper evaluates two main routing protocols used for Low-power and Lossy…
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6LB: Scalable and Application-Aware Load Balancing with Segment Routing In IEEE Transactions on Networking

Saturday morning, after a long (and, very constructive) process, came the long-awaited email from the IEEE: our paper “6LB: Scalable and Application-Aware Load Balancing with Segment Routing” was definitely accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Networking.  The paper is…
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Roundtable 26/02/2016 at “Forum Anzisha” at Ecole Polytechnique: “L’Afrique, le nouvel Eldorado du numérique”

Binet X-Afrique organises Forum Anzisha at Ecole Polytechnique – an Expo-Forum on Entrepreneurship in Africa. Exhibitions, and round-tables, one aptly named “L’Afrique, le nouvel Eldorado du numérique”: Sébastien Crozier, CEO Orange Horizons Thomas Clausen, Porteur de la Chaire « Internet of everything» de l’École polytechnique…
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