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Ecole PolytechniqueEpizeuxis is the computer networking research group at Ecole Polytechnique. We are interested in all-things related to data networking, digital communication, networking architectures, network optimization, digitization, etc.

We are especially interested in “networking when it is difficult”, and in adapting, developing, and evolving, the Internet infrastructure to connect… well, everything.

Our ambition is the development of the “digitized society”. Innovative networdking technologies are part of that – as are innovative uses, applications, and services, running atop ubiquitous connectivity.

Why Epizeuxis?

The dictionary definitions of the word “Epizeuxis” are all descriptive of what our research team does:

Epizeuxis (n):
A genus of moths of the Noctuidae family. Often considered a synonym of Idia, some retain it as a valid genus containing at least the type species. Internet protocols are – largely – built with the assumption that every link “looks like an Ethernet”. Yet, wireless ad hoc networks, MESH networks, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), Multi-Hop PLC networks, etc., exhibit distinctly non-Ethernet-like properties, and are non-transitive, non-reflexive, and short-lived,

Non-Ethernet Links

Non-Ethernet Links

The Epizeuxis team has 20+ years of experience in extending the Internet “across non-Internet Protocol compliant links”. One of the corollaries of this experience is that the Internet cannot be considered as “just a graph”.

Deliberate repeating words in immediate succession (“Oh Horror, Horror, Horror”). Information and time redundancy
 are ways of accommodating lossy and fragile “links” – and one of the tools in the toolbox of the Epizeuxis team is development of clever algorithms allowing redundancy in signaling, but in ways which do not overload the channels.
Literally, the act of fastening together ; from epizeugnynai to fasten together (epi- + zeugnynai to join, yoke) + -sis And, of course, our goal is digitization by integrating everything into a single Internet… integrating into the Internet of Everything

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