AIvolution – Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Technologies in the EU

Last Thursday, November 16th, we had the conference AIvolution, about AI and digital technologies in the EU, in the Brussels site of the European Parliament (EP). I had the pleasure of organizing and chairing the conference with MEP Eva-Maria Poptcheva (Renew Europe), who also sponsorized it; other than the European Parliament and Renew Europe, we had also the support of École Polytechnique, Institut Polytechnique de Paris and EuroTech Universities Alliance.

We had researchers, scholars and professionals from various European Universities, research institutions, and industry, sharing their expertise and discussing in sessions about (i) AI technologies, (ii) data, disinformation and regulation, (iii) digital infrastructures, and (iv) social impact of technological change. Several of them are professors, researchers and graduates from École Polytechnique (other than myself, Ruta Binkyte, Oana Balalau, Oana Goga, Guillaume Ruty, and Sonia Vanier), or from the larger perimeter of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris (such as Marceau Coupechoux, from Télécom Paris, or Hervé Debar, from Télécom SudParis).

During the conference talks and exchanges, we could address some relevant issues, opportunities and challenges, both political and technical, often multi-disciplinary. Without pretending to be exhaustive, in session I it was discussed advances in LLMs and fairness and bias issues, as well as AI applications and progress in robotics, healthcare or information retrieval. Social networking platforms reluctance to be transparent, and democracy vulnerabilities and technical and legal protection against misinformation campaigns were addressed by CS researchers and Law scholars in session II. Challenges such as cybersecurity increasing risks on a ever-more-digitized, and thus more vulnerable society; and energy and material limits to data-driven digital-based growth; together with network traffic prioritization and neutrality, were discussed in session III. And among other aspects, technology embodiment in social power structures was tackled in session IV.

A few pictures of the day:

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