Paper: MSWiM’23 – On the Dynamics of Single-Orbit Requester-Provider Systems

Just arrived from Montreal (Canada), where I presented the paper “On the Dynamics of Single-Orbit Requester-Provider Systems“, in the 26th International Conference on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems (ACM MSWiM’2023). MSWiM is a A-ranked, selective (~18% acceptance rate this year) scientific conference that focuses on modeling, theoretical analysis, simulation and performance evaluation of distributed and wireless systems.

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The presented work is the first contribution (and the initial results) of the study of dynamics and stability guarantees of requester-provider systems. These are abstract models, generalized from previous research activities of the team (see for instance our recent papers on reliable BIER, HLB or edge computing), for distributed information and communication systems of multiple adaptive agents that take autonomous decisions, based on partial and imperfect visibility on dynamic networking environments, where decisions of some agents may depend on the others, and vice versa. While this work is mostly theoretical, instances of these systems can be found in different heterogeneous networking setups, related to edge computing, reliable content distribution, and others. Results and proofs presented in this sunny (but cold!) Montreal edition of ACM MSWiM correspond to the analysis of a simplification of these systems (“single-orbit”), which paves the way for a further study of decentralized setups, for which stability and adaptability properties may be difficult to assess only through experiments.

On the paper

This paper considers decentralized systems of multiple agents that interact in order to perform distributed computing or efficient information transfer in variant, constrained environments. These systems appear in various relevant use cases, including reliable multicast distribution, or dynamic resource allocation in systems in the Internet edge (datacenters, IOT deployments). This paper introduces an abstract, mathematical model, that allows to study analytically the behavior of these systems, as a set of interacting requesters and providers. The paper describes system orbits, and concentrates on the study of single-orbit systems. Ergodicity of system behavior in the single-orbit case is proved, and a full description of the stationary system behavior is derived. Closed expressions of the stationary distribution of requester decisions are provided. Analytical results are validated through extensive simulations. These single-orbit results are a necessary step for the analysis and further optimization of dynamic performance of these systems.

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