Teaser: dr. Jiazi Yi presenting NSx & LoRA – looking promising.

One of our research activites is “quantifying and improving LoRa”, and we’ve published some interesting results in the past on that topic, based on some analytical — and, a lot of experimental — data.

We love experimental work, but sometimes it’s cold outside  — minus 7 Celsius is predicted for this week ? — and so, it’s nice to have an accurate and efficient simulation environment. This is what Dr. Jiazi Yi, staff research engineer at Ecole Polytechnique, has been spending a good deal of his time building: a toolchaing for automating ns3 simulations, as well as a high-fidelity LoRa ns3 module.

This morning, we got a first glance at the performance and the capabilities, and it looks promising — next step: even more validation against extensive experimental data, and writing up the paper …


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