Yesterday was pretty – today was pretty hard…

It started snowing yesterday, making the Ecole Polytechnique campus look pretty – but the unprecedented 20cm or so of snow in Paris and suburbs made it quite an ordeal to get to the office this morning.

I spent almost 3h on the road, negotiating snow, sleet, and abandoned cars (really!), arriving at 7:50 AM — or, precisely 14 min after an email was sent to everybody from our security office, stating:

“Nous vous demandons de ne pas essayer de rejoindre le campus pour le moment”

(“We ask that you do not attempt to come onto campus for the time being”) – oops!

Oh, well, an occasion to enjoy an (almost) undisturbed snow-covered campus. Here’s to hoping that it’ll be easier (or, at least, possible) to actually drive home tonight …


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