Two Papers Accepted -- 5th Workshop on ML for Systems at NeurIPS 2021

Intro   The 35th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) — an A* ranking conference on Machine Learning (ML) — took place at ZoomVille in December this year, right before the Xmas holiday. It was a great place to...
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New Academic Year - New Colleague: welcome to prof. Kevin Jiokeng

It’s September … also known as “Academic New Year”: new classes, new students … and, once in a while, also a new colleague. This year, I’m thrilled to welcome dr. Kevin Jiokeng, who will be joining my group as an...
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Security is a journey — Seminar by Jean-Charles Griviaud from Cisco at Ecole Polytechnique

This morning, Jean-Charles from Cisco France stopped by Ecole Polytechnique, to give a master-class on Cybersecurity for our 2nd year students. It’s always entertaining when Jean-Charles is lecturing — as well as frightening, when in 2019 we’re reminded of both...
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“Interference Pattens, the Key to Quantum Computing” – talk by Prof. Rodney Van Meter

During a quick visit in France, prof Rodney Van Meter from KEIO University, found time to come to Ecole Polytechnique to give a quantum computing tutorial, to present some of his latest research within that field — and to help...
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Paper: Chasing Linux Jitter Sources for Uncompressed Video

Beyond the transport of uncompressed video over IP networks, defined in standards such as ST2022-6, the ability to build software-based Video Processing Functions (VPF) on commodity hardware and using general purpose Operating Systems is the next logical step in the...
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